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Original Art and Prints
By Love Hannington

Original Art on Canvas and Luxury Fine Art Prints by Love Hannington. All designed are created by love with Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, and then carefully selected suppliers are worked with to deliver beautiful fine art prints and gorgeous posters. There’s something for every room <3

The timeless desire to craft an exquisitely artistic abode finds its roots deep within us, a longing intricately linked to the need to rekindle our connection with our true selves, our passions, and the unique path we tread in this world.

Divine Feminine art serves as a poignant reminder, urging us all to rediscover our innate creative life force and to manifest the beauty, joy, and comfort that awaits us in this lifetime.

When your living space is thoughtfully tailored to meet your energetic needs and inspires your creativity, you engage with the depths of your subconscious with boundless passion, bringing forth the very best version of yourself.

Take a moment to contemplate the ambience that art weaves – the harmonious interplay of colors adorning your walls, the tactile and graceful dance of plants gracing your home. This is your sacred sanctuary, your temple, where every facet should serve to elevate your mind, body and soul to their highest vibration.

Maximalist Collection

Abstract Collection

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