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"The Memory of Water": A Dance of Spirit and Science on Canvas

"The Memory of Water" by Love Hannington, brought to life with acrylic and hand-stitched cowrie, is a captivating canvas that invites us to delve into the mesmerizing intersection of spirituality and the profound realm of quantum biology.

Quantum Water's Unseen Remembrances: As we peer through the lens of quantum biology, we discover that water holds secrets within its very essence. It remembers, with a profound sensitivity, the journeys it embarks upon, especially when it meanders through pipes at right angles. This seemingly unnatural movement leaves an imprint—an ethereal 'trauma'—that water etches into its memory.

Cosmic Echoes in Every Drop: Across diverse cultures and cosmologies, water has been revered as a repository of memory and emotion. It's believed to bear witness to the echoes of ages, carrying the wisdom and experiences of countless souls in its flowing embrace.

Abstract Poetry on Canvas: "The Memory of Water" gracefully alludes to this profound connection between water, memory, and emotion. Through textured brushstrokes and fluid movements, the canvas becomes a visual symphony—a dance of spirit and science. It whispers to us of the intricate interplay between the seen and unseen, the material and the ethereal.

A Journey into the Heart of Water: Placing "The Memory of Water" in your space is an invitation to embark on a journey into the heart of water's memory. It calls upon you to ponder the intricate tapestry of existence, where science and spirituality intertwine, and where every droplet holds a story waiting to be discovered.

Experience the Echoes of Water's Memory


Acrylic and hand sewn cowrie 60x60cm 

The Memory of Water

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