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A Mindful Paint & Sip

Intuitive Art, Women's Circle 
& Cacao Ceremony 

Unleash Your Inner Creative Goddess!
Join Our Mindful Sip & Paint for Spiritual Women

Calling all Spiritual Women! Are you seeking an evening of creativity and empowerment? Do you long to connect with kindred soul sisters? Then please, keep reading..

Join Love Hannington for an enchanting Mindful Sip and Paint experience. Step into a sacred Women's Circle brimming with supportive and uplifting energy, participate in a heartwarming and soul-nurturing cacao ceremony, and embrace the freedom to express your inner essence through intuitive painting.

This is no ordinary Sip and Paint gathering! It's a thoughtfully cultivated space where you'll sip on ceremonial-grade Cacao or a soothing herbal tea alternative, while incense and candles weave an atmosphere of relaxation and high vibrations.

Allow Love to hold space for you, guiding you to connect with your inner self and unleash your inner Creative Goddess.

Don't miss this precious opportunity to unwind, recharge, and commune with your soul squad.

Secure your spot now, and let's embark on this co-creative journey together.

No prior skills are necessary – all that's needed is an open heart, an open mind, and your authentic self, regardless of how you're feeling on that particular day – be it joyous or introspective. I'll hold the space for you.

This class is perfect for women looking to tap into their intuition, foster self-positivity, and bask in the company of kindred spirits.

Mindful paint and sip cacao ceremony with jay percy.webp
Love’s paint night was exactly what I needed after a long week! It’s the perfect place to be able to express yourself through art, connect with other women and overall just find peace restored. Love has a wonderfully positive and energetic spirit that transcends the space and you leave feeling inspired and connected. What a beautiful experience!
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