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Love Hannington
Artist & Medicine Woman

For Love Hannington, art serves as a primal practice that intricately weaves the threads of Ancestral Strength, Sacred Healing, and the Divine Cosmos into each stroke of her creations.

Raised in the vibrant tapestry of East London, Love Hannington was immersed in a multicultural milieu, with the tranquil embrace of Epping Forest serving as a constant presence. Her deep connection to the natural world was nurtured during her visits to the pristine beaches of her ancestral home, Antigua. This enduring love for divine nature reverberates throughout her artwork, where she paints poetic odes to water and flora.

Love Hannington's artistic journey is deeply rooted in her reflections on the traumas of her childhood and teenage years. These experiences have profoundly shaped her relationship with the feminine, fueling her exploration of esoteric and African diasporic spiritual representations of a divine and benevolent femininity. Through her art, she reclaims her own connection to womanhood, guiding others to discover the divinity within themselves.

As an Obeah Woman and Spiritworker, Love Hannington draws inspiration from Afro-Caribbean Cosmologies that hold a prominent place in her psyche and artistry. Her themes delve into the African Diasporic loss of Indigenous Spirituality and serve as reminders of the strength that can be unearthed through the reconnection with Animist practices intrinsic to our ancestral homelands, prior to the shadows of colonisation.

Love Hannington's artistic medium includes acrylics, as well as the intricate hand-sewing of cowries and crystals onto canvas. Her work seamlessly marries her profound love for highly saturated colors and regal golds with the rich tapestry of African Orisha worship, psychedelic prints, and an unwavering belief in the right to explore the depths of one's own consciousness


Workshop Facilitation | Merfolk of the world, The Swimmers, Ships |The National Maritime Museum | May- August 2023

I led a number of artistic workshops with The National Maritime Museum, working with young people and adults aged 5- 75. Working with a diverse range of people has allowed me to refine my workshop and communication skills.

Workshop Facilitation | Painting the Self | The Black Wellbeing Collective Charity March 2023

I led a holistic workshop that centers on building self esteem within the Black community on the 11th March. This course was designed to meet a range of accessibility needs and vulnerable adults.

Co curation | Warriors-Queens Exhibition October 2022 | Shades of Brown Art Collective To mark Black History Month, I co-curated The Warriors- Queens Exhibition with the Shades of Brown Art Collective. The goals of this show were to educated the local community of history beyond the Transatlantic Slave trade, marking triumphs as well as tragedies. 

Commission | The World Reimagined Art Trail June- October 2022 | The World Reimagined 

In 2022, I was selected by a panel of judges as one of 103 artists to paint 1.6m Globes that were displayed across the UK to discuss the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This community-focused Art trail was designed to provide education by discussing an important part of global history through art. I contributed to this discussion by creating art that paid reverence to ‘Mother Africa’ and the Yoruba Folklore that surrounds this. Folklore is an important part of keeping culture alive and I was delighted to create art that added to this effort. 

Co curation | Still We Rise Exhibition June 2022 | Shades of Brown Art Collective I co-curated this Exhibition which aimed to create conversations around African Diasporic History. This interactive exhibition allowed the local community to engage with AR art, Poetry and visual art.


International Women’s Day | March 2024 | Candid Arts Gallery

National Maritime Museum Exhibition | April- August 2023 | The World Reimagined

Windrush 75 Exhibition| May 2023 | Zita Holbourne  TUC

OXO Bargehouse Group Show | March 2023 | OXO Bargehouse

Lockton Insurance Black Art Exhibition | October 2022 | Nefateri Art

Warriors-Queens Exhibition | October 2022 | Shades of Brown Art Collective

Still We Rise Exhibition | June 2022 | Shades of Brown Art Collective 

The World Reimagined Art Trail | June- October 2022 | The World Reimagined

Black History Month Exhibition | October 2021 | Carib and Co Brunch CIC 

The Big Breakfast | September 2021 | Channel 4 / ITV (Artwork appearance on TV)

Miniature Art | May 2021 | Tebbs Contemporary Gallery 

Black History Month Exhibition | October 2020 | Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery

Black History Art Exhibition | October 2020 | Carib and Co Brunch CIC 

Black Pound Day Art Exhibition | September 2020 | Carib and Co Brunch CIC

Love Hannington

Love is available for talks on Esotericism, Spiritual Herbalism, Art Exhibitions, Art Workshops and Shows. To discuss appearances, email

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