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Sacred Portals

Love Hannington

Step into the ethereal artistic realm of Love Hannington—and own a Fine Art Print from the

Sacred Portals Collection


Sacred Portals Collection

Elegant, Empowering Art that gives back. The Sacred Portals Collection is a stunning range of luxury fine art prints, on archival art paper and canvas print. 5% of the profits from this collection will go to Endometriosis UK and The Vagina Museum respectively.

Little Loves Collection

Adorable, Affordable Art. The Little Loves Collection gives you the fabulous opportunity to bring a little art into your home and begin your art collection. Each piece is individually hand painted and totally unique. Bring a Little Love into your home today. 

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Explore Original Art

Bring tantalising original Love Hannington art to your home or business and transform your space into a masterpiece of creativity and imagination. Vibrant colours, deep blues and sumptuous golds create transcendent energies to to elevate your surroundings. Explore our curated collections and immerse yourself in the artistry of Love Hannington today. Select a painting below to find out more…

Divine Feminine

Discover the eloquence of Love Hannington Art through visual storytelling. As you navigate this online gallery, take a moment to savour the beauty displayed before you. Let the images convey the essence of Love Hannington Art's unique style, allowing you to immerse yourself in the distinctive touch that defines her creations.

An Artist Called Love…

British Artist Love Hannington, a soul deeply attuned to both the visible and ethereal realms, gracefully manifests her feminine, Afro-psychedelic inspired creations. Through a palette adorned with vibrant hues and lavish strokes of sumptuous gold, she eloquently captures the delight of existing as an extension of the universal source energy and as a divine feminine presence harmonizing with the natural world.

Her art is acclaimed for its resplendent vivacity, inspirational essence, and its empowering exploration of African Diasporic Spirituality and unfiltered femininity.

From the very dawning of her journey in childhood, Love Hannington has embarked on an unceasing quest to fathom the essence of existence, channeling her profound insights into an extensive body of remarkable work.

Her artistic journey has graced prestigious institutions like The National Maritime Museum, Trafalgar Square, and Channel 4’s Big Breakfast Reboot. In addition, Love Hannington conducts workshops that harmoniously blend art and spirituality, guiding participants towards mindful creative practices that rekindle their connection with the self.

Love Hannington also expresses her knowledge and wonder of the esoteric, through her cohosting of The Afro Animist Podcast, speaking on topics surrounding Spirituality, Hermeticism and Esotericism. She has provided educational talks at The Magickal Women’s Conference, and The National Maritime Museum discussing African Diasporic Spirituality and Ancestral Spiritual Herbalism practices.


Love Hannington is available for mindful art workshops, talks on spirituality, live painting and exhibiting at galleries and shows. To book, please email Love Hannington

Recent Appearances

May- August 2023

The National Maritime Museum

Between May and August, Love Hannington has been invited to The National Maritime Museum to hold a number of Artistic Workshops, and a talk and workshop on Spiritual Herbalism for International Remembrance of Slavery Day. 

April-August 2023

The World Reimagined & The National Maritime Museum

Love Hannington’s public art globe, and response to the overarching topic of the Transatlantic Slave Trade ‘The Three Mothers’ spent spring and summer in residence at The National Maritime Museum as a part of The World Reimagined’s Art Trails. As a part of this, Love was invited as an Artist in residence to speak about the globes. To find out more about this exciting activation click here

May 2023

TUC Windrush Exhibition

To mark Windrush 75, Love Hannington’s work was displayed at The Windrush Exhibition in the Trade Union Congress. Her artwork combined stories from her parents and grandparents, and their direct relationships to the Windrush era.

March 2023

The OXO Bargehouse

As a part of a group exhibition, Love Hannington Exhibited a collection of gold-laden artworks to 300+ vistors

October 2022

Lockton Insurance Black Art Exhibition

As a part of a Black History Month Exhibition, curated by the artist Nefateri, Love exhibited artworks to facilitate the conversation of Black History at Lockton Insurances with support from their Diversity and Inclusion Team. 

Jay Percy The Artist The Dance of Babalu Aye Love Hannington anartistcalledlove.jpg

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