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“Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshiping.”― Hubert Reeves


"In Nature We Trust": Embracing the Liberation of the Natural World

The sensation of being immersed in nature evokes a profound feeling of unbridled freedom—a sentiment that stands unchallenged. To interact with nature on your own terms is to break free from the constraints of oppressive structures and find solace in the nurturing embrace of the Divine Feminine.

A Psychedelic Symphony of Blues and Lush Greens: Within "In Nature We Trust," psychedelic, airy blues and sumptuous leafy greens converge, creating a mesmerizing dance reminiscent of the wind's gentle caress through fields of hemp. These colours weave together to evoke the sensation of liberation, as if you're stepping into the heart of the natural world, unburdened and unbound.

The Golden Flower of Life: Intertwined within this vibrant tapestry are golden Flower of Life symbols, serving as a poignant reminder. They symbolize that our connection to nature is, in itself, the most luxurious interaction we can ever experience. This piece is an exquisite testament to the profound beauty and opulence of our union with the natural world.

A Celebration of Freedom and Connection: "In Nature We Trust" encapsulates the essence of liberation, as well as the deep connection we share with the world around us. Placing this artwork in your space is an invitation to celebrate the unbridled freedom that nature provides and to reconnect with the Divine Feminine, harmonizing your spirit with the rhythms of the earth.



Acrylic on canvas



VAT Included |
  • Please note: I post artwork out on Fridays. Please put your order in by Wednesday that week for posting on Friday. You will receive this within 3-7 days depnding on where you are in the world!

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