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Perfect Isn't Real, Reality Isn't perfect, a reminder to not swea the small stuff. It can be so easy to become overly focused on the seemingly important, losing view of the bigger picture. The number 9, coming before the number 10 represents the final step prior to perfect completion. Numerologically, number 9 brings good luck, prosperity and happiness. Bring all of these things into your life and more through this unique piece of art. 


I wanted to create an art collection that is truly "affordable art" for all of this lovely community! Voilà! The "Little Loves" collection was born. I know so many of you would love to collect a Love Original, and money is the only thing standing in your way right now- This way you can own a beautiful piece of original art before I become the next big thing since Kehinde Wiley! 


This special collection is starting at the introductory price of £33- Future collections will be more so lock in your favourites at this price!

Each original has its own backstory, its own design and is mounted in its own paper frame mount, ready to put into any frame of your choice.


20x20cm in paper frame (15cm/ 17cm heart outside of paper frame) 

Made from cotton rag Khadi paper


Acrylic paint and varnished

Perfect Isn’t Real, Reality Isn’t Perfect

VAT Included |
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