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Introducing "The Goddess of Love and Light": A Vision of Universal Beauty and Divine Feminine Strength

During a transformative journey that altered the course of my life, I was graced by the presence of The Goddess of Love and Light. She revealed herself to me in a wondrous display, donning the myriad forms that grace the cosmologies and cultures spanning the vast galaxies and multiverses. She whispered to me her many names, embodying a truly universal archetype—a symbol of beauty and the divine feminine strength that precedes all creation. She is the nurturing Mother of us all, entrusted with the sacred task of upholding balance and perpetuating the cosmic dance.

In her radiant image, I have painted her with a palette adorned in soft pastels resembling a rainbow—a vivid celebration of her vibrancy and tenderness. These hues capture her exquisite gem-like magenta tones, a testament to her inherent beauty and grace.

A Sacred Symphony of Stones: Within this artwork, the heart-chakra opening green fluorite and the third-eye awakening violet fluorite converge, forming a sacred union that connects the heart and mind. As you gaze upon her beauty, these stones facilitate a harmonious alignment within, guiding you towards a profound balance of emotions and intellect.

Amplifying the Power: The presence of clear quartz, carefully hand-stitched into this piece, serves as a powerful amplifier—a conduit for the energies of the stones and the intentions they hold. Together, they infuse your space with intentional harmony, nurturing a sense of balance and tranquillity.

A Portal to Divine Feminine Energy: "The Goddess of Love and Light" is more than just an artwork; it is a portal to the divine feminine energy that resides within and around us. As you welcome her into your home, allow her presence to envelop you in a nurturing embrace, reminding you of the beauty and strength that flows through the cosmos.

Embrace the Divine Feminine


Acrylic, Hand-sewn fluorite and clear quartz, embroidery on canvas 65x90cm

The Goddess of Love and Light

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