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The Akashic Crone: An Elevation of Timeless Wisdom

Immerse yourself in the profound depths of the Akashic records, where the wisdom acquired through the journey of aging transcends time itself. "The Akashic Crone" embodies this divine wisdom, a sacred reservoir of healing insights cultivated through the art of self-inquiry, communion with nature, and the transformative power of shadow work.


Rooted in Earthy Browns and Gilded Luxury: This masterpiece draws from the rich tapestry of earthy browns and glistening gold flecks, grounding you in the natural luxury that accompanies the golden process of aging gracefully. These hues reflect the sumptuous beauty bestowed upon us as we embrace the years with grace and wisdom.


Divine Feminine Elegance for Your Sanctuary: "The Akashic Crone" isn't merely artwork; she is a manifestation of the sacred feminine in her most divine form. Placing her in your sacred space, where intentions are set and meditations unfold, bestows upon your sanctuary a blissful aura of wisdom and serenity.

Embrace "The Akashic Crone" and unlock the profound wisdom that emerges with the passage of time. Elevate your surroundings, nourish your spirit, and connect with the timeless legacy of the Akashic records.


Acrylic on canvas


Akashic Crone

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