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4 Week turnaround time

Payment plans available with LOW deposits of £100- Contact me directly for this option

Print on canvas- Limited Edition Copy of the Original. Only 99 available.

Size: 120cm x 90cm


Hand- gilded. 


The original carvings of Neferneferuaten Nefertiti show a woman in profile with a full nose and full lips. Nefertiti means "The beautiful woman has come" and Neferneferuaten means "Beauty of the beauties of Aten".


The bust we are familiar with seeing, was said to be thousands of years old however this was false. In reality, it was 1912, 2nd reich propoganda to support the colonisation of Germany into further territories.


The whitewashing of history has meant that representations we see today are far from the original carvings and paintings that we see in ancient text- beautiful, full, sun-drenched.


Let us remember that our beauty and wisdom has existed throughout history and is bountiful today.


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