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"Peace Lilies": An Homage to the Divine Feminine Within Houseplants

"Peace Lilies" is a heartfelt creation that blossomed from the sheer delight these elegant blooms bring into our homes. It's a tribute to the profound beauty of embracing the divine feminine through the nurturing presence of houseplants—a love deeply cherished by me.

A Sacred Connection with Nature: Houseplants, epitomized by the graceful Peace Lily, serve as tangible reminders that we are intrinsically intertwined with the rhythms of nature. They beckon us to revere our interconnectedness with the natural world and to awaken the dormant recognition of the divine feminine energy that courses through all living entities.

Purifiers of the Home's Essence: Beyond their aesthetic grace, Peace Lilies are revered for their manifold benefits in cleansing and revitalizing the very air that surrounds us within our homes. As they purify the air, they become conduits for the divine Akasha—the sacred essence that flows through the tapestry of our living spaces.

A Tapestry of Peaceful Abundance: "Peace Lilies" weaves a visual tapestry saturated with tranquillity and abundance. It is a testament to the harmonious dance between the divine feminine and the botanical realm. It emanates an aura of serenity, offering a sanctuary for reflection and inner peace.

Rekindle Your Connection to Nature: By welcoming "Peace Lilies" into your living space, you embrace and honour the divine feminine both within and around you. They serve as gentle reminders that, through tending to these living beings, you foster your connection with the rhythms of nature and bask in the serenity they offer.

Embrace the Divine Feminine in Nature

Acrylic on canvas, 2 rounds 30cm , 1 round 40cm

Peace Lilies Triptych

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