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Obeahwoman, Ancestor, Healer" A4 Print: Honouring the Ancestral Wisdom

Celebrate the profound wisdom of the African Diasporic Ancestors who, as healers, worked hand in hand with the land and ancient remedies to bestow strength and empowerment upon their communities. "Obeahwoman, Ancestor, Healer" is a vibrant testament to their enduring legacy.

Reclaiming Sacred Traditions: In a world where their magic and power have often been mischaracterized and misunderstood, it's essential to recognize the true essence of these ancestral practices. They are far from the distorted image of devil worship—instead, they are a source of healing, love, and empowerment.

A Vivid Ode to Positive Energy: This artwork, awash in bold oranges, cosmic blacks, and resplendent royal golds, radiates the positive energy and wisdom of these revered ancestors. It captures their profound connection to the cosmic Akasha and the boundless void, showcasing the knowledge they drew from these sacred realms.

Honouring the Ancestors: "Obeahwoman, Ancestor, Healer" invites you to honour and celebrate the wisdom of these ancestral healers. It serves as a vivid reminder of their enduring legacy, a legacy that continues to inspire and empower us today.

Embrace the Wisdom of Ancestors


A4 Print, Luxury Hahnemuhle Hemp 290gsm 

Obeahwoman, Ancestor, Healer A4 Print, Luxury Hahnemuhle Hemp

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