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Why I Trusted My Intuition and Tried Intuitive Painting

There's something really freeing about letting the left brain go to rest for a while and letting the right brain take over. Earlier this week, instead of planning out, preparing canvases or carefully choosing my colours, I let my intuition make the decisions.

I've been reading a book called "Busting Loose from The Money Game" by Robert Scheinfeld, which basically proposes that if we're in a simulation or a game, then we need to treat it as such and only focus on the things we want to do. It's pretty far out, even for me, a Law of Attraction enthusiast. But I'm also curious, and in the spirit of curiosity I decided to let my intuition pick a number of things for me this week. I never envisioned how this would affect my art or the art making process...

“Life is one-tenth Here and Now, nine-tenths a history lesson. For most of the time, the Here and Now is neither now nor here.”- Robert Scheinfeld

I took an Uber to a cute cafe and read an art newspaper. I went to a few charity shops to amble around. Then I decided I wanted to go home and paint. I know this seems normal for an artist, but I actually find it really difficult sometimes to get into the 'zone' and paint. My left brain wants to finish a million more 'important' tasks first: sign that contract, contact your accountant, organise the studio etc etc. My busy list of important things could go on forever, which is why I was so happy to just feel unburned enough to paint.

But paint what? Usually I prime my canvases, add on loads of medium before I start painting. I'll set up my camera just so and get a number of perfect shots for the gram. My intuition had other plans: GO LIVE 🫠😱

I never really go live. I mean, I did during lockdown however that was 3 years ago. Painting a Canvas live on Instagram is actually something that's kind of scary for me and I'm working on getting over it! So I listened, at 1.30pm during the day. "No one will be online" I told myself. Boy was I wrong! I think it's the most active live I've ever had. So many of my favourite new friends and art lovers showed up, gave me their ideas, helped me to create something beautiful 💕 it's amazing what buzz community creates, even online.

On top of that, I've created something truly heart felt and beautiful. It reminds me why I love art, and Intuitive painting really has opened my eyes. There's more to do on it to make it look perfect, I still want to stitch into it, cowries and flowers...however I'm so excited about the direction it's going.

The bright pinks and powerful purples remind us to tap into our inner divine feminine Intuition, the Yonic (opposite of phallic) imagery reminds us that we're all connected to this same experience of being brought into the world. The gold reminds us of our divinity and importance. I love painting on a circle canvas. I hope I can find more!

When I finish Yonic BOOM, I'll be sharing her with you. I've not been this excited about acrylic art for a while, if I'm being truly honest with myself...For now, take a look! Some day she'll make an art collector really happy....

Remember to trust your intuition. She may just surprise you!

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Nicole Allpress
Nicole Allpress
15 may 2023

Moments like these are why I miss the gram. .

Such a beautiful piece and the circle gives it such a magickal infinite look

Me gusta
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